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I guess everyone's perspective is subjective

Romulus - Planet Side

Environment: B+
Simply one of the best environment STO has produced. Thumbs up The variety of flora and fauna mad me want to explore, checking everything. The added hidden accolades - that was a lot of fun. While 'scanning' radiation lost it's charm quickly, the four mini-missions, and the red alert missions planet side were a lot of fun. Coaxing nanoth is not only fun, its stupid-fun.

Music: A
As of Friday's update, the ambient music on Romulus really caught the despair and hope the Romulan people must be undergoing. I was stunned. A real winner.

Cut Scenes: A for ingenuity, C for Tholian/Tal Shiar minion conversations.

The Cut Scenes are used to move the New Romulus story along, showing to the Federation and Klingon players who the various antagonists are. As spoiler free as possible:
  1. Tier 1: Awesome, although the Tal Shiar agent come off as petulant.
  2. Tier 2: Other than the same petulant character, the introduction of the 'boss and his aide' was very very good.
  3. Tier 3: Seriously awesome, but the dialog is more stilted than a George Lucas script. I assume that's because 'verbal communications' are difficult for crystals. LOL

New Creatures: Varies, B+ for Fauna, Hirogen updates, A+ for Tholians.

Tier 3 Mission (Tholian Captain) A+:

FINALLY a solo boss that scared me. I want that mecha armour! During my first engagement I noticed only one of my team was doing any harm. I switched to the Cryo-cannon from the breen missions, with a small improvement in damage. The real winner was the weapons with the 'sonic' proc. My math is fuzzy, but it appears to do additional damage in excess of what it says on the weapon. Might have something to do with them being in envrionment suits.

Romulan Ground Missions: Hit and miss.

Warehouse - fun, and at time ridiculously hard.

Mountain pass is too buggy, and require you leave your team behind, trigger all of the in game events, then return to the bottom to properly end the mission.

Overgown Caves - sweet, sweet fun. Entirely new environment, great surprises. And of course, the dreaded Tholian Captain.

Ill review space later - checking out the subtle changes from Friday right now.


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