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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
I believe it's a role situation. There are roles that one might consider for PvP that are pointless in PvE - well, because PvE is PvE - the AI is the AI - and there's just no need for it in PvE.

Thing's that you'd be "happy" to see in PvP (on your team)...
...but things that would make you "sad" to see in PvE while trying to do optionals.

Mobs just aren't going to be doing all the things that player might do, so having a build meant to deal with those things - well, it wouldn't work well in PvE.

Likewise, it's one of the reasons that a PvEer may initially have a bunch of complaints when entering PvP - it's just not that simple in PvP.

A PvP DPS boat will likely rock in PvE.
A PvP Heal boat will likely rock in PvE.

You start to step away from those two roles, though - things that might rock in PvP and well, you're wasting space in PvE...

Hell, it's one of the reasons that many claim to enjoy PvP and one of the complaints many have against PvE...
i see. Well I know the npcs are programmed a certain way. Of course a human player would attempt other things... I guess i'll have to do more pvp ^.^