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Originally Posted by aetam1 View Post
I do not min/max that hard in my specs so I do not have to respec that often. Also as a lifetime member all my chars have a few respecs for free. So far I didn't need to bu additional ones (ok it might also help that I have so many toon and don't really play my very first anymore).
It's kind of funny, because I had forgotten about this when I decided to do the last reroll of my four guys. Mind you, it's not a ha-ha funny - one of those boot to the head funny things.

$5 per respec.

For $15, you get a respec per rank per toon.

Four toons, 2 Fed & 2 KDF:

LCdr, Cmdr, Capt, RA, VA (can't remember if it lists one for RALH/RAUH) = 5-6 respecs
Cmdr, Capt, BG/MG, LG (again, can't remember if it lists one for BG & MG) = 4-5 respecs

So that's 18-22 respecs for $15. That's $90-110 just in respecs (not counting the other things you get to keep from subscribing for a month).

With what I last read about what you keep after going from Gold to Silver - well, heck - that'd be an additional character slot on top of that - plus all the various things you keep. Subscribing for a single month is the best value STO has to offer. For a second month? Nah - but one month - insanely awesome deal.

Yeah, one of those boot to the head funny things - I should have sub'd for a month when doing that wipe 'n reroll.

I'm still tempted to do that - losing any rep progress I've made. My toons have nothing "special" on them that I wouldn't still have access to that I've bought from the C-Store or couldn't just buy on the Exchange again.

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