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12-03-2012, 03:08 AM
I noticed that Donatra cloaks when her "target" (angroed ship) gets closer than ~6km
It seems she isnt bothered from other ships getting closer.
If she switches target to another ship the same rule applies.If by chance the second ship is close she will cloak.

If the group is mainly composed from cruisers having beams it is ok to keep the 5 km rule because beam drops ~15% dps at 5 km

If the group is composed by escorts i advise to go as close as possible to Donatra and blow her between cloaks.Cannons drop ~30% dps at 5 km .

Anyway if i am in lead of group I usually ask the group what type of weapons use and then decide the tactic.

If I am not leading the group i do what the leader of the group decides .