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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
2AtB single cannons excelsior/fleet excelsior
So - a thought - yes, I'm still stuck in S7 Plasma thinking (I'll get over it - but the thought of all the new folks, reroll folks, alt folks that may not pick up the plasma resist shield for a period of time makes it a very tempting thought in PUGland)...

Fore: 4x Romulan Disruptor Plasma Single Cannons*
Aft: 2x Romulan Disruptor Plasma Turrets Rear*, Kinetic Beam, Romulan Experimental Beam

With the addition of the Kinetic Beam instead of a turret, you pick up the chance for the Omega Weapon Amplifier proc. Adding the Experimental Beam in to replace a turret while adding the Romulan Zero-Point in as one of the four Tac consoles (leaving you 3 Infusers) - you'd pick up the +1.8% Crit, +1.8 Pwr, +19.7 Insulators, +15.2 EPS, and +7.6% Plasma Dmg.

With the two Flow Caps - replacing them with two Romulan Flow Caps, eh? One giving the +9.6% Plasma Dmg (and maybe even giving the Kinetic Beam a 2.5% chance to proc a plasma DoT, eh?) and then either a Shield or Hull for the other (unless they stack, not sure where that thread went on that - but if they stack, well two of the +9.6%, eh?)...

Maybe even dropping one of the RCS for a Tachyo...perchance?

Trading the +35% TR for the +Turn/+CrtH/+CrtD/(+Grav, meh)...

...and as far as the passives go: +3% Crit, +30 Weapon, +CritOnPlac, +KineticProc

And to me, it starts to look pretty EVIL on paper for rolling around PUGland where folks may not have the plasma resist from a STF shield...

* The two bonuses would depend, eh? ACCx2, CrtH/CrtD - that discussion, depending on who you're facing and who you're flying with....

edit: You know, I've had complaints about my abuse of the ellipsis (only Shatner should be allowed to type like Kirk); but egads - what's up with all the "eh?" in this post, eh? I'm not even Canadian...

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