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Originally Posted by harrymonkley View Post
Maybe you need to revise your build/tactics?

I'm using the Vo'Quv with advanced BOPs, and I wouldn't describe it as a weak setup, quite the opposite in fact, but it did take me some time to master.

The carrier commands are key to using the BOPs IMHO, recall to force them to disengage and cloak and then setting them on an attack run works well, and lauching fresh ones every time the cooldown is finished means the fresh pets have torp high yield 2 ready to go.
Yes they have good burst dps potentail as I said, if you can prepare them, but even if you recall and send them on attack runs they still try to circle, and it shouldn't be that hard to do, they should automatically try to straff them with cannons and torps like the HuH'SuS AI. its also impossible to do in pvp unless their sitting still and oblivious to their surroundings.

BoP pets are "ok" in pve if you know how to set them up, they still don't do much in elite STFs though. In pvp they suck, anything can outmaneuver a Vo'Quv and you have to many other things to worry about like maneuvering so they can't nuke a single side of shielding and your tanking buffs. They can have their moment where the stars align and they let loose with their torpedoes all at once but against a decent pvp player even this wont have an effect, either shields are up or the torps miss.