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Originally Posted by alarikun View Post
Well, I was complaining because I have only been getting one since the patch. And suddenly, 11 dropped. My friend has only gotten 1 since, and in the last STFs I've done (after that one), I've only gotten 1 each.

You would think, if it's truly random, I'd be getting a variable amount. 3, 5, or maybe 9? Instead, I've only gotten 1, or 11. And I only got 11 ONCE.

EDIT: That, and I can't imagine it's meant to be in. That would mean, on a lucky drop, you could get enough BNP for 1 piece of any MK XII set. Seems like that would be a little weird, but that's just me...e
Considering that you used to be able to get enough for a piece of a Mk XII set pre season 7 then I'd say it's back where it should be.

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