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Originally Posted by stofsk View Post
You can have quads with DHCs so it's not an either/or proposition. And STFs do not mandate antiproton weaponry at all. In fact, you can use pretty much any weapon and it doesn't matter.

To the OP, yes the Sao Paulo is worth it, if you want it. I got the Sao Paulo back before quad cannons had their damage increased, purely because I wanted quad cannons.
Are they worth it? From a VA perspective, probably not...but if you are ranking up from Captain, they are handy b/c the quad cannons rank up with you to VA.

I am big fan of DS9 and the Defiant.... I have a Fleet Defiant with Quad Cannons and Cloak (I swap it back forth with armor depending on mission). I ranked up with a Defiant as soon I could obtain one. The visual and sound of the quad cannons are just plain cool.

So yea...I am missing a Critical Severity bump with them but my other (3) DHC's in the front of the Defiant make up for it.