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Originally Posted by adorkabledori View Post
Can the devs please inform how much abilities our Boffs have on each station of a ship, in the ingame store and on the C-Store? Atm, it's more guessing with the wet finger in the air, to know from were the wind is coming.

Or better : Why do it have to be restricted it in the first place ? Each station should be open for the 4 abilities that a Boff has.
Erm, the cstore and the in game ship vendors all tell you what boff slots are available on the ship. There is no guessing involved.

Ensign Station = 1 Ability
Lieutenant Station = 2 Abilities
Lieutenant Cmdr. Station = 3 Abilities
Commander Station = 4 Abilites

Also, no, the system will never be made so you can simply have all Commander Stations, nor should it be.
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