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Originally Posted by matthian1701 View Post
Namely, they made the core plot of the new planet open to the single player. On Nakura I don't know how that plot ends since I can't solo the hard difficulty. Groups won't wait around while I savor the plot and environment - it's all GOGOGO. However, on New Romulus, I can follow the storyline to it's end without worrying about that.

Cryptic, please continue to do this in the future!
I agree that it's nice being able to take your time to look around and read what's going on.

However, saying that you can't do it on Nukara is, no offence, total rubbish. The mission is picked up when you want to pick it up, all the 'story' about what the hard missions entail is in their brief, there is no reading in the hard or even medium missions other than the brief. So you can tell how that story ends perfectly well. The only reason you need the group is to kill.

In fact, the only mission on Nukara where you need to read on the go, is the one with the mirror troops (Easy interior) and that is designed for one person to be able to do.
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