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# 5 erm no
12-03-2012, 06:37 AM
i have to strongly disagree with you

I have the karfi and the voquv and my voquv out damages my karfi

just like every ship in the game the more you master it the better it becomes with micro management of the brothls i can easily crit anything up to 30k a torp with HYT 2 but you must micro manage them or yes they will just use turrets i bet you any amount of real life money that a well timed strike on a tactical cube will be a one shot job using targetshields3 then release bops bang gone then recall them and do the same on the generators you can make easy work of any stf dont know about pvp never really played much

I also disagree about people not using carriers i played 9 stf's yesterday there was a carrier plus my carrier in every one and in one there was 4 carriers

you say that you shouldnt have to micro manage them thats like saying that boff abilitys should auto cast depending when needed...not going to happen

practice is the key dont knock it until youve tryed to master it