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With my two Fed characters I have all mk12 gear and mk12 MACO. One flies a Galaxy-X, and the other flies a Prometheus MVAM. My Klingon has all mk12 gear and a Mk12 Honor Guard set. He flies a Vo'Quv. I can hold my own in Elite STFs, and do a pretty decent amount of damage too. Now I understand that PvP is a totally different animal than PvE, but it doesn't make sense to me that I can hammer a Jem'Hadar ship from the rear with the massive phaser cannon on the Galaxy-X along with all my other weapons, with max power to weapons, and not be able to bring its shields down, and before you say that maybe it's just my build, there were two other ships with me and they weren't doing much good either. This is not making a very good case for STO being balanced.
If you have mk12 or mk11 gear does not really make that much of a difference. More interesting would be what mods you have on your weapons, what consoles do you use, and what weapon types do you use.
Also, sadly the Gakaxy-X is not really a good ship. You would probably do better in a simple sovereign. That said fed cruisers on general are not that good at dealing dmg.

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This is not an attack against cash box ships or their owners, I'm just trying to either understand what I'm doing wrong, or come to the realization that I should just stick to PvE. If anyone cares to enlighten me with some advice, please do so, but try to keep it civil in here. I'm getting tired of dealing with A-holes on the forums.
I would be happy to help and I assume many others as well. You could post your build here and let us take a look at it. Some things that work in STFs are not really working in pvp.