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12-03-2012, 07:05 AM
First of let me say this, i think that a carrier escort is the worst idea, it defeats the purpse of being a carrier by putting it on an escort.

secondly in pve you can throw together anything and it will be successful so that's not a good barometer of power.

personally i liked your original build, because it has a unique taste to it, just like mine, i use beams aswell and I fly an escort. The problem I see is that gamers like to put themselves in boxes and then have the unmitigated gull to say they are good or even "Elite". While looking like this guy and that guy and that guy over there and hey you in the back, yeah you, can you stand up a sec? Yeah, that guy back there doesn't he look familiar? ooooh that's right he looks like you, acts like you, plays like you, but has the audacity to tell everyone else they are doing it wrong?

If anyone tells you that using your beams is weak, laugh at them activate bfaw and ask them if they can ht multiple enemies in PVE and PVP for 8 seconds of gloom and doom only to rinse and repeat in 6 seconds. Oh wait? They can't? Ah, that sucks. so when you get trapped in the tholian web i guess you just wait and let them shoot at you like fish in a barrel? sounds rough to me.

I enjoy a good light show and I lights it up baby, forth of July in downtown, I'm talking about galloping baby

I cn target this guy and strip that guy on the other side of the screen and every other eney i can't see of their sheilds or atleast making them use their skills prematurely and allowing the twins (Everyone that looks the same, acts the same and fights the same, and you will see it, you will see them using their 3-4 quads and turrets since for some reason everyone has to do that to be effective.) Ent! Wrong, in elites and pvp I get invites left and right and I use beams. I have to turn them down daily so I can get in some Rommy for reping.

You may not get all the respect you deserve for your aid but because you didn't look like this guy or that guy you contributed to every ones win and survival even if they don't notice you crushing the enemy sheilds with random broadsides.

So in closing I'm telling you, be you and don't drink the kool-aid, if you like a set and i like your set then just repo it and rep it hard, make people wonder in antipros are better then phasers, make them wonder if duals are better then beams