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12-03-2012, 06:48 AM
U.S.S. Nightingale, NX-999656-B. First Officer's Log. Commander Mat Recording.

Captain Jinx has been spending a lot of time on New Romulus recently. It seems she is a member of the Federation Diplomatic Corps as well as Omega Force and the Nightingale Development Project.

She tells us that the development of New Romulus proceeds faster than anticipated, with a lot of volunteers from Starfleet coming to assist the Romulans and Remans create their new home. Vranlek, a Reman scientist serving on board Nightingale, does not believe that all will be as peaceful as the FDC hope. Especially now since the Klingons are involved. Which idiot thought to invite them to the party? They will be raiding New Romulus within weeks. There have already been reports of Gorn activity in the area. The Klingon High Council claims they are not operating under their authority, but I don't believe them. Most people seem to forget that J'Mpok said, not too long ago, that the only good Romulan was a dead one. And now he sends his KDF here, to 'assist' with colonising the planet.

Ugh. At least this trip of hers is providing new duties for our Duty Officers... Cleaning up after Jinx's new pets. She calls them Epohhs, and gives them the run of the ship. I will say they do learn quickly. I almost never see one these days, and when I do, they are quick to get out of my way. They have also figured out that the red alert siren means they need to get back to Jinx's quarters. I'm just glad she didn't bring one of those Nanovs back, although I will admit they do look rather appetising.

I need to report back to the bridge now, but will finish my log later.

End recording.