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# 1 i have an idea!!
12-03-2012, 07:19 AM
Instead of fixing a Cosmetic problem like "?The Kinetic Cutting beam is no longer incorrectly referred to as a turret." "?Fixed a description error in Elite Scorpion Fighter Carrier pets" How about you use your resorces to fix broken thing like adding bridge officers to upgrade mission on starbase. in which my fleet has sent over 100 bug reports and i sent in 2 ticket in with no real response. it been 4 weeks we been sitting on this project. your lack of concern is noticeable. i have 400 active members in this fleet upset with YOU! Here is an idea if you have no idea how to fix it change the bridge officers to doffs. funny part the will move this post or i will get banned for another week. That what they are good at.