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12-03-2012, 07:57 AM
Not having played under season six for very long, I was not wedded to the system, and so, the changes have bothered me very little. I am not sure they would have in any event, but...What does bother me is the continuing issue with the Foundry. It is still not running missions properly, with enounters either not spawning to start with, or despawning. I can only confirm the latter in one of my unsuccessful missions as I saw the npc spawn as I was turning to engage another, and by the time I was done with it, the second spawn had gone away. The other spawns I have not encountered were in ground missions, and I can't say that they ever spawned at all, or spawned and faded away.

I would love to see the foundry come back up, fully preferably, but, at least get the authored missions where they are playable. Unfortunately, without them, there's very little story content in the game. Something I would love to see addressed in coming seasons. Get us some more official game arcs! (So you understand, I was quite spoiled by the content quantity and quality in City of Heroes, and I really do expect that kind of thing here.)

I appreciate all that you do, and I'm sure this is not easy to figure out, but, hey, they pay you guys the big bucks to get it done, so....

Make it so.