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Originally Posted by thunga42 View Post
A month on a bug to get fixed is a bit long guys. I understand that when dealing with large/huge/astronomical amounts of code it can get a bit hard to find each problem and fix it when you add or change something. But a month to fix this is a bit long. i know that my fleet, and others have had this holding up their progress for some time. I would like to see this and the other bugs fixed. Especially the mission bugs that refuse to complete even after you have done everything you are suppose to do.

I will say that I do love this game. I left for a time after it was released but have returned and I can see that you have made progress on several fronts from release. I love the star base stuff and the new reputation system. But the bugs in the content needs to be fixed.

Also, you need to add some new stuff. Not new ships that we can buy in the C store but new missions, new factions, etc. The game will become stale and die off if you dont do something about this.
yeah, this new romulus, while a nice map, got old after the first five minutes of playing.. ive said it b4 and had a convo with dstahl in another one of my threads.. the thing that kills this game is that cryptic just hasnt come across the right formula to make everyone happy.. i was super excited about season 6, it kept me logged in, i was glued to the game.. had high hopes for season 7 and so far, (for my gameplay style), its been a flop. in less than a month, i have finished most of the worthwhile content, and am now finding it hard to log in.. (i find myself looking for other stuff to do, or playing rift)...

i am a hardcore star trek fan, but that doesnt mean ill spend my money on something that i get no return from.. honestly.. new ships are nice and shiney and blah blah blah.. but purchasing it doesnt really change the game play.. you are simply flying a new ship in the same "old" content.. honestly, we are coming up on three years.. there is no other mmo out there that reaches 3 years and doesnt have an expansion, or large content release...

on another note, reskinning the tech is not new content in my mind.. the rep system and embassy are not "new" content in my eyes, its the same gift regifted... its like kicking a dead horse... as i do it, i say to myself, "god this feels familier" lol...

star trek online needs an expansion.. a large scale (doubling the content in game) release that can reinvent the game... this game can be king, as long as they make the right moves..