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Originally Posted by harrymonkley View Post
Maybe you need to revise your build/tactics?

I'm using the Vo'Quv with advanced BOPs, and I wouldn't describe it as a weak setup, quite the opposite in fact, but it did take me some time to master.

The carrier commands are key to using the BOPs IMHO, recall to force them to disengage and cloak and then setting them on an attack run works well, and lauching fresh ones every time the cooldown is finished means the fresh pets have torp high yield 2 ready to go.

I have to agree with this post.

I have not used my VO'Quv in quite some time; however, when I was actively playing, my VO'Quv was quite the force to be reckoned with.

The Carriers Hanger craft have not been set it and forget it extra damage for quite some time now.

I made sure that my VO'Quv had the right attacks and consoles to help get the most Damage out of my Advanced Bird of Prey that I possibly could.

My Carrier uses skills like:

Target Subsystems Shields 3 (The skill weakens and strips away shield facings for my ABOP)

Attack Pattern Beta 1 (Lowers the targets resistance to my Birds and Carriers Energy Weapons)

Gravity Well 3 (Slows and holds and damages multiple targets and helps my Birds Attack Runs)

Tyken?s Rift 1 (Used Right after GW3, Drains power from clustered targets making them softer)

I use the Isometric Charge console to blast my clustered targets for extra damage.

Plasmonic Leech console for extra power drain

Subspace Jump console for quick escapes or to position for attacks and hanger deployment.

Ultimately you cannot look at your hanger craft has independent support and must see them has extensions of your carrier.

Using Doffs my Carrier can heal for over 10k every 15 seconds, deploy a wave of ABOP every 15 seconds.

I can't speak much for Tachyon Drones because I stopped using them after we got the ABOP.

Tachyon Drones were great back in the day for shutting down Elite Tactical Cubes but it became easier just to destroy them outright.

Carriers are not instant wins or easy outs, it takes a lot of effort to turn them into the beasts that they can be.