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12-03-2012, 08:48 AM
This probably isn't as applicable to Nukara Prime. The plot is basically that Tholians are trying to pull in ships and other tech from the Mirror Universe. There's not much to it and doesn't matter anyway.

I feel this more with STFs. I have absolutely no idea what the plot of the STFs is. I could probably read it online if I were inclined, but you never have time to do it in game. If you take the time to sit and read the comm windows, your team mates will flip out. You'd almost have to arrange a private game where it was established ahead of time that you were all going to chill and take in the story.

So, yes. The fact that I can actually slow down to pay attention to what's happening on New Romulus is nice. Also, I feel like that map, despite not being typical STO team play, is the most multiplayer thing in the game. I loved the notion on Nukara Prime that everyone could work together organically to close those portals. New Romulus that happens on a huge scale every time a Red Alert pops up. Teams form and disperse organically as players move around the area in packs or gang up on bigger targets. You look around and see what looks like an actual battle in all its chaos. It's brilliant.