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I always loved this thing. It was a design someone did for a Bridge Commander mod many years ago, but I always loved the lines and how it's like a smaller D-7/K'T'Inga-style. I'm all for a smaller cruiser/destroyer.

Would make an awesome little strike cruiser.
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#3 The K'vek Class (fan Design of Cleeve), see:;21662

#4 Kron Class Cruiser (fan Design originally by Cleeve), see:;86186

#5 Bekta Class Cruiser, see:;91906

#6 Che'var Class Gunship (fan Design of Avon), see:
Quite curious, can they use these fan designs or not? Wish they'd create a new class of ship; with all these destroyers appearing have a "Destroyer" ship type. This game could also be interesting with Siege Vessels or ships designed with long range weaponry (Make them Strike Cruisers or something) designed to take on fortified positions. Allows them to create new game modes especially ones with objectives (starbase assault mode anyone?)

Taking idea aside of proper Siege vessels. K'Vort could be remade into a "Strike Cruiser" with a battle cloak, armed with powerful long range disruptors that hit for example, at 15km but are ineffective at short range. Just something that can spice up gameplay thats all.
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