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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
Plasma Damage
2.5% Plasma Proc
2.5% Disruptor Proc

As opposed to the mission Plasma-Disruptor Hybrids which are Disruptor Damage with the procs. The PDH have a +7.5% Accuracy and lowish damage compared to Plasma Beams with +20% Accuracy you can get.

Wish there was a way to see what's available with an unlock rather than having to unlock it. At some point, folks will have unlocked it all and posted over on STOwiki... but as it stands, it took 90 Romulan Marks, 10k EXP, 20 Industrial Energy Cells, and 20 Shield Generators to see what the Beam Arrays and Dual Beams would be.

It will take the same to see what each of them are.

And don't forget it's a 40 hour project to do each store unlock...meh.
They hybrids from the mission have lower damage on the plasma burn than they should (when compared to equivalent MK).