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12-03-2012, 10:36 AM
Originally Posted by hydrodura View Post
Instead of fixing a Cosmetic problem like "?The Kinetic Cutting beam is no longer incorrectly referred to as a turret." "?Fixed a description error in Elite Scorpion Fighter Carrier pets" How about you use your resorces to fix broken thing like adding bridge officers to upgrade mission on starbase.
You do realise that text errors are probably the easiest things to fix, right?

Those things probably get fixed on the fly, no problem analysis needed; then they add it to patch notes to let people know they've done it.

Sure, I totally agree bugs need to ironed out, but there is no reason not to fix typo's and text errors as they come along. I actually applaud the fact that they fix those between their regular activities, as it shows a certain amount of professionalism.