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12-03-2012, 10:50 AM
Originally Posted by wunjee View Post
This is my beam/torp boat build for the HEC. I do mostly PvE and so far it's been pretty darned effective.

Any input/advice? I don't want to use cannons on this particular build because something irks me about using cannons on a ship this size..
Hi and welcome to the forums. This is largely a community of min/maxers who are looking to improve their builds with the final goal of efficiency, be it in the form of dps or... well, what else is there, really, if we're talking STO S7?

Your build is sub-optimal. You have stated you have unnamed personal objections to DHC use. So my input/advice is to either enjoy your build as-is, which could be improved dramatically, or to take the advice you will receive here, which will include dumping the beams for your escort.