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12-03-2012, 10:00 AM
Originally Posted by twam View Post
You do realise that text errors are probably the easiest things to fix, right?

Those things probably get fixed on the fly, no problem analysis needed; then they add it to patch notes to let people know they've done it.

Sure, I totally agree bugs need to ironed out, but there is no reason not to fix typo's and text errors as they come along. I actually applaud the fact that they fix those between their regular activities, as it shows a certain amount of professionalism.
so grammer is more important than playability... hmmmm.. i understand its probably easier, the time invested in researching where wording is wrong and what not could have been used to squash a game wrecking bug.. priorities are needed..

the problem is that they are still to small of a group to be even attempting to run a mmo. its actually disconcearning that they havnt increased the team by a factor of 4 or 5 by now.. if you want to play with the big boys in the gaming industry, you need to start acting like a big boy...

what makes the other games so much moe successfull is that they have teams that are large enouph to run the game.. they have a dedicated r and r department, they have teams dedicated to each faction in their game.. they have a bug fixing team, and teams just for content.. right now, with how small the sto team is, everyone kinda does everything, and it is the most inefficiant way to do it..

rift came out around the time that sto did. it was also a small development team.. but they have grown, their customer service is second to none. they squash bugs within days of them being found.. and if they cant, they let us know they are having trouble, appologize, and keep us posted.. and they just released a expansion that more than doubled the playable content in the game, its enouph to keep you busy for another 6 months..

sto comes out with small content, a few times a year that keeps you busy for literally a few weeks.. (sure the fleet system was designed to go longer, but its not enouph). we were discussing in t/s earlier that in a year, we will probably be playing the same stf's and endgame content that we play now.. and everyone agreed that it was a possability..

its too bad, cryptic has a truly great ip inwhich the fans are dedicated to (just look at the fact that the game is still up and running three years later, considering the year of hell, the lack of content, and no real sign of it getting any better). the problem i have is i keep telling myself that the next season will be better.. but its coming to the too little too late time..