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12-03-2012, 11:10 AM
Wow! I cannot believe a business that has nicely been asked to fix the bridge officer starbase upgrade problem hasn't fixed the problem in over 4 weeks?

I cannot believe that when a person starts getting upset and a little sarcastic trying to get Cryptics attention because being nice doesn't work; gets permanently banned from the forums. Now, Hydrodura is a martyr for those who actually want a good star trek game.

Everyone needs to know, the forum thread does not appear to accomplish anything, submitting tickets does not accomplish anything, and paying Cryptic more than any other MMO does not accomplish anything.

Bottom line, if there is something broke in STO, just play the game and be quiet or quit.

This truly saddens me, as I have been a star trek fan all my life and overall this game is awesome. I want Cryptic to succeed, I want to play at least a decent quality game. I would love to think that all the money I have spent on this game would be going towards a quality control team that actually cared