Thread: My HEC build.
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12-03-2012, 11:16 AM
Beams dont do the dmg cannons do. Now if you want beams play how you like its your game.

See cruisers that turn really slow use beams. They hit more targets but for a lot less dmg. An escort can turn quickly and get its cannons on target and using cannon rapid fire can get all cannons an turrets shooting at one target and shield facing. As an escort you are wastin your turn rate and the only time you can get all your beams on one target is to broad side. And this build has only 5 beams.

So less weapon slots than a cruiser you are not doing as muchdmg as them.

You have a superior turn rate that you are wasting because beams dont require it.

But for this build. Drop the torp tact consoles go strictly beam. It will help you more. And torps hit hull so inconsistantly that that those consoles are wasted for the most part.