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12-03-2012, 10:33 AM
I loved CoH and played mostly on but sometimes off for over 4 years. I only left because of Champions Online Beta/launch.

I led many a Hamidon raid back in the day on Virtue with my bubble defender Powerhelm targeting.

I will greatly miss that it is no longer running. If someone could have rallied the community an created a kickstarter to buy the game or to pay NCSoft to rent/maintain the servers, or something that would have been great.

I think the way they ended it was handled poorly by NCSoft. I would have at least given everyone premium accounts and unlocked everything for them in these last couple months.

The fact that it is no longer around though takes away from the Genre as a whole, great game and really good stories. While the Atari situation really screwed Cryptic with Champions and STO (what idiot thought it'd be a good idea to join up with a company that has been perpetually failing for years?!) CoH had more content when Cryptic cut ties with it than STO an Champs combined do now...

It was, to date, Cryptics crowning achievement.