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12-03-2012, 10:46 AM

Sometimes less is more, the feds get more story missions, but they are basically very samey and repetitive and quite tedious, they get more ships but they are 47 varieties of bland, and more costume options - KDF is for warriors not wannabe fashion models, and who needs space whales that look like a dinner plate and a couple of tampon applicators when you have BOPs, the Vor'cha and the Vo'Quv

Fed content is contrained heavily by the IP, the need to get CBS approval, and the rabid fans - which leads to it all being very homogenous, good guys win, blah blah blah blah blah boooooring.

The Klingons on the other hand get to face off against their cultural legends and kick their backsides which apart from the epicness of killing your gods is a far deeper cultural exploration than anything the feds get. And there is room within the faction for a diversity of characters in terms of their ethics and morality as opposed to the fed boyscout brigade.

Take a look at the Doff missions - the Klingon variants are much funnier and more varied compared to the fed ones. The KDF crit and disaster results on many of the missions have some very dark humour.

Is more necessarily better?