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I am currently working on a Fleet Patrol Escort build for a captain specifically designed for Space PvP. However, I do also plan to use it in PvE for STFs/Fleet Actions.

Captain Traits:
Efficient, Elusive, Accurate, and Warp Theorist

Weapons fore:
2x Phaser Dual Heavy Cannons Mk XII
1x Phaser Dual Beam Bank Mk XII
1x Quantum Torpedo Mk XII

Weapons aft:
2x Phaser turret Mk XII
1x Quantum Torpedo Mk XII (3rd turret/tricobalt possible alternate)

Engineering consoles:
3x Neutronium Alloy
1x RCS Accelerator

Science consoles:
Universal - Subspace Jumper
Universal - Borg Assimilated Module

Tactical consoles:
4x Phaser Relay

Omega Force Mk XII

Power levels:
100 weapons, 35 Shields, 40 Engines, 25 Auxiliary

Duty Officers:
2x Conn Officer (Tactical Team cooldown reduced by 8 seconds. +10 to Attack Patterns)
1x Conn Officer (Cooldown on evasive maneuvers reduced)
2x Damage Control Engineer (35% chance to reduce the cooldown on EPtX by 30%)

Skill Build can be found here:

Two things that will be noticed. I am not running an all cannon build, nor am I running any cannon bridge officer skills. To be honest, I have never been much of a fan of either. This is an attempt to create an alternative escort build that is still viable in space PvP. If anyone has suggestions they would care to offer, I would appreciate it.