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Originally Posted by sollvax View Post
But now Kirk is in the same class as Chekov (thus he is 20 years younger) this makes him 11 years YOUNGER than gary

And his father died before anything else happened

Why can't Gary exist?

because none of them do now

if he had existed which he no longer does

thats only part of it
Kirk is now 20 years younger than he should be

also there is no Vulcan
its complex but the cosmos is unmade and remade
no one from the real trek is unchanged
even uhura has gone from strong independant smart woman to "spocks bit of fluff"
Kirk was only born a few months early because of the Narada. The explanation given in the tie-ins is that Winona was using pregnancy slowing drugs that failed due to the trauma of the attack. He's actually OLDER in the J.J.-verse than he was in the Prime Universe because of a premature delivery. And he gets command of the Enterprise six years early, despite starting the Academy five years late.

(In the J.J.verse, he started the Academy in 2255 and took command of the Enterprise in in 2259 vs. starting the Academy in 2250 and taking command of the Enterprise in 2265 in the Prime timeline.)

Now, Chekov in the JJ-verse was born four years early and so is likely, on a genetic level, the brother of Prime Chekov, who simply has the same name and parents. And he was 17 in the film.

I think you're sortof willfully destroying the timeline more than Orci and Kurtzman did because you didn't like the film.