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Originally Posted by flash525 View Post
I don't think Khan will be in this film (its being speculated everywhere) but I do think it'll involve Augments. There are reveals of a fight scene between Benedicts' character and Spock. Would a normal Human be able to fight a Vulcan so easily?

Also, anyone seen the new banner? If I didn't know any better, I'd say the Starfleet logo was carved into a Borg Cube.
Only in a vague sense. I think we'll see a play in the upgrades that happened to the Galileo 6 being replicated to create a genetically modified super-soldier with godlike mental powers.

Kirk and Spock will be all like, "This violates the bans put in place after the eugenics wars."

And Cumberbatch will be all like, "Starfleet secretly changed after 9-11... I mean the Narada attack. I'm the product of the changed attitudes, engineered by Section 31 as part of Project Q to make starships themselves obsolete. I'm a god."

Kirk: "Granted, a god doesn't need a starship. But no. We do things by the sweat of the brow. Old fashioned hard work. Apple pie. The constitution! We don't need gods, just good people."

And Cumberbatch goes ragey and Pike is all like, "Man. I thought this 'creating a god' business was a bad idea. Yeah, I knew about it. Go get 'em, Kirk."