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12-03-2012, 11:45 AM
How are you (the captain) skilled?

Cmdr universal is both a blessing and a curse, you can turn the recluse into a pseudo-scort or more of a Sci-cruiser than anything...

If you're skilled well in the patterns, etc., then you're golden with your tac cmdr plan. So, here goes:

Tac Cmdr: I'm seeing a drop of the spread, and going HY I / AP-D I / HY III / AP-O III. You're gonna want (need) the maneuverability from Omega, and I found Delta to be a surprising multi target debuff, especially when you're in "tank" mode or you can apply it on a tank. HY I is there more to apply the thermionic's debuff through shields more than for damage, a HY III should be more than painful enough against hull. Keep in the back of your mind BFaW I instead of doubling HY torps, that ability comes in handy for anti-seeking torp defense when fighters are down or busy with other targets...

Sci Lt Cmdr: TSS I / HE II / GW I is a decent build.

Eng Lt Cmdr: EPtS I / EPtS II / AUX2SIF II. Twinned EPtS allows shield cycling, the Aux2Sif is a nice hull heal, though be careful if your aux drops too low as it lengthens the cooldown on fighter deployments. RSP is, IMO, more useful as a tank with multiple beams hitting you from multiple directions - the resists are more useful than the 10% heals...

Sci Ens: I'm leery of the second TSS I, especially with 3 shield heals already. Second copy of HE (HE I in this case) could be a hair more useful or even Sci Team if you want to keep yet another shield heal (and it's chainable with TT)

Tac Ens: TT all the way.

As for sets, I prefer Omega instead of MACO, Tetryon glider with tetryon guns and fighter tetryons = much shield shrinkage. I love keeping the queen's ship on Hive Normal with redlining shields across the board because of all this tetryon damage ...
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