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Originally Posted by naldoran View Post
When I saw what Season 7 had in store in terms of the barrier of entry for new characters, I rolled up a new toon right off, got STF gear and said that'd be it for a good while; no new characters, because getting them the high-end gear is just not practical any longer. I've got seven fed toons, four klinks in various setups, but I pity the new player who wants to get into PvP seriously and desires variety of character options.
Ya know to be honest its not that big a deal... don't get me wrong if you really must have mk xii sets of maco or omega its kinda of a pain.

Really though since the borg set has gotten its rightful smack down. I have been running mostly setups that really don't use much stf gear.

Aegis is easily obtainable buy anyone... fleet shields and even engines if you are part of a fleet that has unlocked them.

My escorts have been running 2 aegis with maco shielding and thats sweet... but really the fleet resistant shield would work just as well... even a good MK XII resist shield would be 95% as good as well. I could have a new toon into that setup pretty easy and ya it would preform just fine in PvP.

To be honesty all the terrible new players I see in pvp would do better to dump there STF gear get a proper hyper impulse engine and a defelector that in fact boosted the stuff they where using... and put a proper shield on instead of a omega/borg that they can't keep hard enough or a KHG they can't refill. The maco shield is about the only STF shield that is stupid proof. lol
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