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KDF specific mission strings:

House of Torg

The attack on Utopia Planitia

Fel'khri Return

Pi Canis Alpha, Bravo (aka "Path of the Warrior", a daily)

Separate mission: Alpha.

Everything else is retread Fed content.

I included Pi Canis because to get the accolade, you're running six missions back-to-back, and included the Utopia Planitia mission because it's MOST of a set of episodes, and difinitely not retread fed content.

Now, here's something to think heavily about...

Fed Content follows a set formula that only alters in a couple of missions during the Cardassian front cycle where Bajoran religious/cultural elements actually are important.

the rest of the time, it's basically bland formula.

We Klingons get an exploration of our history and culture in "The Fel'Khri return" storyline, and an exploration of internal Klingon House politics in the Torg storylines.

iow, we get a deeper user experience, briefly.

I"d almost suspect the reason we don't have MORE in this case, is that the Devs don't have a decent writer left among them who can HANDLE the level of content in terms of detail and storytelling those KDF specific strings carry.

i.e. the rule of cool applies: if you can't make it cool, it ain't gonna rule-and I don't think Cryptic's got the writing staff to generate 'cool'.

in terms of ported-over retread content, they did their best work with the few episodes of "The 2800" that were converted over-but it's obvious THAT was a last gasp from their writing staff, and there were, again, holes that were barely papered over in the conversion.
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