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Originally Posted by shimmerless View Post
You hear this kind of thing a lot but I honestly don't see any of the supposed Sci weaknesses at all, at least as far as captains go... snoozers have kind of been outclassed hard by carriers and semi-Sci ships like the Recluse, too...

If someone asked me for my real talk opinion, I'd say that SNB is still the single most powerful ability in game, that Sci has the best all-around repertoire of BOff powers (VM, SS and t-beams for offense; ST, HE and TSS for healing). I've never really had a game where I've felt, "Man, we just have too many Scis here", and pretty much every time I've felt serious heat it's because a Sci has my ass in his targets.
i have to agree, nothing kills my ass beter then then a VM+scan+nuk wile an escort happens to be shooting me. and this is even with 2 AtB undoing the ability cooldown damage significantly. full escort dps is fairly easy to weather, and then completely undo able with RSP and a few hull heals, but its doff buffed VM, and those 2 sci captain debuffs that get me killed the most by far. even more then instances were im ganged up on and receive no team support. doffs fixed sci abilities, i bet even a shield drain build would work now.

dont go down the tric mine path. no one respects tric miners, and if you become like them we wont still respect you just became your trying to be ironic. they arent even that effective, they can only kill the oblivious or unlucky.
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