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# 162 Is it Negligence?
12-03-2012, 01:23 PM
Why the hell does a file that sets the borg to be able to crit and do 100K+ damage per hit get marked as do not use, gets replaced with the new file one week, then next patch the old file is back in telling the borg it is ok to Crit and to do 100k+ damage again?

you know when i change the files on my website, anything that is never gonna be used again is put someplace it will never accidentaly make it back in.

so is this simple negligence or are you slipping it back in on purpose?

also why does something work awesome on tribble the day before holodeck gets the patch then when it hits holodeck it is broke, lags out and breaks other content, what files are on tribble that work right that you skip transfering to holodeck?

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