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Originally Posted by alax2011 View Post
Yep, I i hate how the Tray resets itself all the time, and also, has anyone noticed some lag from the tray??? Like you press a Skill and watch it flash (Press...Flash....Press...Flash....Press...Flash.. ..DEAD) and fail to go off? I get this annoying thing on my sci all the time, and just today i healed someone 3 times that had the Borg nanites running threw them and they still turned into Borg, did they nurf the heals from scis so they don't heal the nanites anymore?
I play a sci as well and have this happen all the time, most prominently in any of the ground invasion maps - Nukara Prime, Defera Invasion Zone, and New Romulus. But I don't think it's limited to sci - I think it has to do with lag.

The more people in an instance, the more times I seem to have to hit a button to get it to work. Although, now that I think of it, this morning on my Klingon, I was doing a space mission in Tau Dewa by myself, and not one key worked the first time.

Also, occasionally I'll beam into a ground map and my movement keys won't work. I have to navigate my toon with the two mouse buttons and it will not change until I've beamed out and in again. Most often happens during the tour event, but also during teamed missions - especially annoying during an STF. Hard enough to play a Sci effectively, no powers or movement doesn't exactly help the image.
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