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# 1 Danubes Not Working?
12-03-2012, 12:25 PM
So over the Thanksgiving Sale I picked up an Armitage, equipped it with Danubes, and have spent a week tinkering with it. After all the fury about 'Danube tractor spam being so broken that even Polarize Hull wasn't enough!!1!!!,' I was looking forward to cackling like an Evil Overlord as I squished my helpless targets like insects. (I only do PVE, and the computer doesn't complain if I twink out. Its for silly fun, not seriousness.) However, the Danubes barely ever use their tractor beams, and mostly just fly in circles and suicide off of warp core breaches, whether set to Attack or Intercept or whatever. Its been a letdown and little different from the character's old Patrol Escort.

So whats the deal? Do I have to buy the Advanced Runabouts to get what I want? Or is it a setting I need to change or micromanage? Or is it something from the past that's been nerfed? Or was it all just a bunch of whining and hyperbole, and Danubes aren't actually that power?