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Originally Posted by artan42 View Post
The books was a bit meah, but the films should be great, especialy if on par with LOTR.
The Lord of the Rings books were pretty meh, too, at least in respect to the translation into film. Entire chapters of just walking or singing or discussing obscure history as if the reader was familiar with it (at least avoids the "As you know bob" trope, but still leaves good sized chunks of the books reserved for dedicated readers who've already finished the Silmarilion) cleverly edited pages out of Tolkin's elvish dictionary, false starts, and complete refusal to end.

The Hobbit actually has some solid storytelling in it. I'm not sure how they plan to stretch it into three movies, but the Hobbit was written first as a story. The Lord of the Rings and the Silmarilion were written as world crafting and linguistic projects first and stories second.

On the other hand, that could just draw a spotlight to changes made for the movie. Most people don't complaint about the liberties taken with Helm's Deep when the book glossed over it in a few pages, but the Hobbit didn't let a fight pass off screen if they could help it.

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