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12-03-2012, 12:28 PM
Aside from Devoras' disappointing post, I thought this might make people happy.

I am willing to make a video showcasing every PvP fleet in this game.

How it will be done.

The video will have segments allotted to each PvP fleet. At each segment will be their fleet logo in the beginning. Then followed by one of their premades in action against pugs or another premade. Unfortunately it won't be a full premade since I'll have to be in that team holding the camera filming that segment.

Depending on how many fleets will want to showcase their video in this STO PvP video, will determine the length of their segment.

Cheers to being productive and positive. Let me know if you all will want to showcase your fleet in this STO's PvP Fleets video. I plan on submitting this video to Bran in effort of giving more nudges in letting those folks know we're worth saving and getting what we want. I may create more of these videos in the future in hopes of other fleets.

With this video I hope to accomplish recognition for all pvp fleets that participate in this game. They truly do put in the effort/money to tweak their characters to their fullest extent. This cannot be said in PvE groups.

Please jot down if your fleet will participate in this video below.

So far, participating Fleets:

Turkish RP Heroes
Division Hispana
Lag Industry
110th Fleet
The 300

Thanks guys.

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