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Originally Posted by lasonio View Post
the problem is they broke the borg set so that they could allow for season sevens mods to come in without making players who use the borg set seem op.

Lol post season seven when the stf's came out I remember when I got into heated debates people that led to full-fledged arguments that led to angry pvp battles and nerd rage when I was arguing that the borg set with the MACO shield is bar none the greatest set and that was when it first came out, i mean players wee all over me for believing this now all of a sudden i leave lose my account and have to start over and now that set was known as the blueprint for pvp, i was like wtf? lol, good times, good times.

But now they want to say that maco and omega set are the best in game?

I am going to go on the record right here right now and say the Borg set is still the pinnacle of defence in this game. If you get both sets, and you choose the corrct passives you can make the borgset op as hell. Most of the passives are set to make maco and omega into mock versions of the Borg set and lord knows i almost drunk the kool-aid but lord my lord I did not.

Picture this. chose what ever ground you want, i could careless. Now at tier two you chose the 30 to weapons and thirty to sheilds and respec yourself if you have to. Those 30 points to both those systems now allow you to allocate points to another system basically giving you free range to have kinetic damage if you don't have it or higher passive skills if you don't have it. and with full skill training it takes borg shields from a meager 4.8k to a whopping 6.8-7k to all facings, impressive? but there's more

now this is what I'm thinking and I have wrestled with it for a long time but at 4 you chose placate sheild ability to be like the klings and you gain the 954.8 to shield Regen/6 now the borg set naturally gives you 500+/6 so if they stack and I'm betting they do, if they stak you should have more then 1+k regen to sheilds/6 secs that's basicly telling the borg set, go my child and be immortal. Now that other ability where if you get crited it has a chance to regen sheilds to full, which is very nice but in pvp a kling crit is prolly going to more then likely kill you since you have a 1-4 chance of reging on a crit so that means they have to basically crit you 4 times and you may Regen that shield... maybe maybe not.

But the best part is this makes the borg set relevant, it may not take over the system since the maco and omega sets put like 8-9-10k to each facing and such so people may still go there but i will stick to the borg set and make it better since regen of hull and shields without the use of skills is the best to me you can add a few tweeks here and there and make the maco set into a mock borg set but you know what they say about coming in second....

But that's my opinon, let the battle begin
I've been thinking on it, and I think I may just have to go full borg. (both sets) and see how that goes, it might be fun! Thanks for the info!