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# 3439 Short Term Request
12-03-2012, 12:41 PM
O know the devs are busy with "ALL" the othe complaints and stuff about season 7 so i'll make mine quick.
With the introduction of the new sector of space and a relief effort going on in said system. would it be all togeter possible to get some trade freighter for feds and klinks just roaming around in the sector? Or maybe even introduce a Romulan freighter or even a Ferengi or two.

Another idea would be another neutral starbase in the are so not everyone would find it necessary to go to new romulus to buy comodities or consumables. maybe a base where you dont even dock. just hail? example would be the trade depot in defera sector.
The idea comes to mind of a possile abandoned asteroid base from the first fed/rom war. let the ferengi run the thing. You could also put a patrol mission on the same system as part of the tau dewa daily.. just a thought.