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Originally Posted by hanover2 View Post
They'll try to blame it on localized ISPs, but it's not random coincidence that this always happens when there is a big patch and a large volume of players logged on. The problem is on Cryptic's end, but the fix won't generate immediate profits, so if you're lucky, it'll get noted in passing somewhere and then ignored until the next big push.

Lag so bad today, I got "server not responding" in almost every zone change during the last tour, only to get booted entirely with a "account server can't be reached" message trying to log back in. After 3 attempts, I got as far as loading Gamma Orionis, up came the "server not responding" message, and got booted out again.

Amazingly, although it was suggested that I "check my connection", STO is the only thing with the problem.
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