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Originally Posted by vinru821 View Post
lmao anything to complain about?

A bug that gives you TOO many rewards? Seriously? lol

I know its not a bug by the way, I just find it ridicules for someone to complain about getting an extra 2,000 dilithium.
Okay okay guys... I know. It's not a bug. But I maintain my complaint. I was fine running 10 Elite STFs for one piece of Mk XII Anti-Borg Equipment.

So yes, in the sense of balance, I will complain. Because, even ignoring XII Equipment, I can get my 8,000 Dilithium Limit extremely easily like that, with only a few STFs if I'm lucky.

Noneteless, feel free to close this thread. People are just going to troll me for seeing "a bug that's not a bug."
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