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Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post
It might be time to start looking for ways to work "around" the system they've put in place-find ways to use the sets that are NOT gated by the timegated repgrind.

iirc that'd be:

Jem'hadar set

Breen Set

Aegis Set

The days of easy upgrades to top-shelf gear are gone, what we're left with, is the choice of grinding endlessly on the treadmill for PWE's amusement, or figuring out how to make our own fun with the scraps they've overlooked.

Alternately, maybe someone's got some data on Fleetstore gear-there's a grind there, too, but at least you're doing it in concert with the people you're likely to be teaming with in PvP...
Not to worry, they are redoing the crafting system into a rep system, so rest assured Aegis will be part of the time gated content.

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