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Originally Posted by kylesal24 View Post
I would disagree with this completely. In groups escorts are great. But they lack the tanking needed on your own. How about the escorts main rival for DPS: the Atrox carrier. Tanks like a cruiser, has the firepower of an escort. and has the cool abilities and shields bonuses of a sci ship. I have the Atrox, and I have used escorts. I still use the Atrox over every ship in the game.

Also, I noticed this a little too Sollvax...

I'm getting a feeling we are moving far far away from the threads topic. Sorry OP

I'd really suggest you are posting your escort build in a separate thread in the shipyards or better the PvP forums or go for a read before you do so. If the Atrox is your main rival for escort damage, there is something more than wrong and I'm sure people will be happy to make suggestions.
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