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12-03-2012, 02:18 PM
Here's my reasoning.

Yes, the HEC turns fast. But it doesn't turn that fast. Good for lining up passes, but it takes time, compared to a twitch-ship with 17 turn rate, to get lined up again--which is wasted DPS. Or you could be spamming BfoW or Beam Overload while you're turning around and continuing to do damage while lining up a torpedo spread or HYT salvo.

You've got a lot of hull for an escort, you've got a shield modifier that just about puts your shielding on par with a cruiser, you've got the Lt.Cmdr engineering slot, which is different for an escort, you've got naturally-high weapons power, you've got more tactical consoles. So I can see beam escorts still out-damaging cruisers. Not to mention attack patterns and debuffs that the cruiser probably doesn't have. Then you throw the fighters into the game...

I've always seen the "heavy escorts" as more of a hybrid cruiser/escort then a true escort. So I build them to fit.

But for this build. Drop the torp tact consoles go strictly beam. It will help you more. And torps hit hull so inconsistantly that that those consoles are wasted for the most part.
Thanks for the advice. I was considering doing this anyway. Those phaser relays are expensive.

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