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Muahahahahaha! I have something to share!

Originally Posted by jcsww View Post
Honestly, Senshi. I wouldn't have it any other way when it comes to myself. Buying stuff for my grandparents, my mother and her boyfriend, and doing the extended family pick a name out of the hat are all givens. The most enjoyable side of Christmas is the surprise gift for a friend who won't be expecting it, cards with $20 each in it for the staff at my local coffee shop that I see almost daily, and running around in my Santa Claus hat. The funnest side of Christmas for me and this held true last year as well was... Z! She puts the extra sprecial back into Christmas! Picking a gift or gifts for her is always a fun challenge and one I enjoy. Going out of your way for someone who means the world to you to make their Christmas that much more special is really what Christmas is all about, gifts or no gifts!
Taken from Cappy's thread. I thought that it also belonged over here. Also... I have heard from a very reliable source... No, I'm not telling you who! That JC is... the only one who puts an R in special. On a completely unrelated note. He has also managed to track down what he wants to get Z for Christmas.
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