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Originally Posted by paxottoman View Post
Are you telling us Devoras acted alone when making this post? And using the word "We" so boldly to hide behind the TSI banner?

You guys should sit down and talk this out. Even better Hilbert, I'm tossing the TRH Jersey to you, let me know if it fits you.
I was coming around to that as well, you know Dev wouldn't have posted that with MaiKai's consent, he LOVES his sci ships.

Frankly in the heat of a PVP other escorts don't scare me much, and nor do cruisers, but do you know what scares me all the most? Sci ships with abilities and de-buffs coming out the wazzo. You guys want to roll a Tank-DPS love fest? That's totally fine, I'd much rather see one of those against pug teams then science stuff.

Originally Posted by grindsmygears1 View Post
Sure glad they fixed voldemort before you guys decided to make your stand. There were a lot of people using it too. I guess that too would have forced you to all exploit that as well.
Didn't you hear? TSI showcases bugs & exploits in the queues "in order to bring them to Cryptics' attention" - so totally above board

As was said above, TSI doesn't have half the credibility it oncs did, with Pandas off trying to save the Republic with their aweful haircuts (I imagine the new Panda priest WoW update only with lightsabers) The Crits being here and yet not here, it leaves other fleets room to pick up some much needed talent and show whats left of the community that you don't need cheese to win.