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12-03-2012, 03:09 PM
Just to make this even more silly im going to reply to this retardedness, Generaly TSI never ever had broad fleet policys or we we said don't bring scramble3/xxx or something and everyone did what they wanted anyhow.

Ok so let me thing we where having an agreement with pandas because we wanted to reduce something. I dont know what it was atm. Then I hear that some latenight fleet members and the ships/half premade are getting owned by Pandas team one night, they laughing because I made them restrict their builds to what we want in the fleet and I don't know some pandas where being like arrogant and telling them they where forced to play without the junk while the pandas where using it themselves. Frankly, the daytime crew never played with what we considered lame or over the top because we didn't need to.

I think tricobalts are weak if you use it as a serious setup then your doing it wrong anyhow. To be fair we in TSI last I recall still have an anything goes policy. Sure some of ous dont play with boat full of garbage consoles but some do and that is just fine.

I mean from the perspective of fleet leader I don't kick people because they use crap.

But whatever we are still out there, Noone challenge ous to premades and the people that play play in the ques as premade fleets would get owned anyhow, Still roleplaying and beating up pugs like they have any skill.